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What our guests say about us

If you’re seeking an authentic, non-touristy experience, this is the way to go. In all my travels, this was by far the most amazing experience I’ve logged… Andy and Nha, our guides, were friendly, genuine, and incredibly knowledgeable about their country…They took us to a local vinh restaurant for a traditional eel soup breakfast…which was surprisingly good!… And finally they took us into Pu Mat for an amazing waterfall hike before arriving at the best part – the homestay. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! We were welcomed into the home of a local husband and wife, who cooked for us, shared their homemade rice wine, and opened their home so that we felt as if we lived there. It was the most authentic and humbling travel experience of my life… we were guided up a river and I to a jungle that so few tourists see that we needed to stop at a local Vietnamese army checkpoint just to gain approval to venture I to this protected jungle. It was beautiful and untouched, the type of off the beaten path experience that is almost impossible to find anymore… I cannot speak enough about this experience it, I will forever cherish it. THANK YOU Andy, Nha, and VinhGuru for giving me the type experience I always envision but rarely find when traveling the world. I recommend you to the world!

Andrew Burr (American)

This was one truly one of the best experiences I’ve had in many years of travels. We did the two day Pù Mat trip with Andy and Nha, and man did we have fun. They were friendly, conversational and all around a joy to travel with. You really get off the beaten path here – hiking, visiting locals and truly enjoying local culture. The homestay was the most authentic travel experience I’ve had. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to get off the beaten path and do something truly authentic!

Dan Foster (American)

Andy was our guide for the day, and the least we can say is, what an absolutely awesome day!!! Whilst in Vietnam myself and my father have done many tours but never have we been looked after as well as we have been today! Andy will take you to all the best spots, including getting up close and personal with some aquatic fauna. Be prepared to get wet, and have some fun, you’ll be tuckered out by the end, but well fed the entire day!! 11/10 Thank you Andy!

Jordan & Ian (Australia)

The Vinh and around afternoon tour I joined was excellent. The tour guide is very nice and can speak good english. I highly recommend this tour.

Emmerson (Philippine)

From first contact with Vinh Guru, everything was perfectly handled. We had tried booking by Internet from Ninh Binh, but had a problem so we sent them an email and they replied they would meet us at our hotel when we arrived in Vinh. True to their word, Vo met us and we finalized arrangements for the next day. We could specify the start time too so at 7 am we headed out with our guide and Co-founder of Vinh Guru, Tien, and driver, Mr. Han. I could write a book about the wonderful sights, people met and local food consumed but the detail may spoil the delight you will have experiencing it. We finished the tour 14 hours later back at our hotel having experienced an unforgettable Big Day Out. Thanks to Mr Han for driving so safely and slowing down for the pot holes on the local roads. Big thank you to Tien for informative commentary and interesting program. I highly recommend Vinh Guru.

Max And Jilian (Australia)

We got picked up by Andy!!!!! A young, wonderful, energetic person, who spend 5 years in his life living in the U.K.!!! His interest in history is amazing. Andy is a very pleasant person to have a conversation with and also to listen too.
We had a great day with him as our tour guide. We booked a private tour with him as our tour guide and even met his wonderful family. He took the time to give us enough rest between the different visits, as it was very hot that day!! Andy is a very kind person, who kindly offered us a free trip to the train station next day. Overall it was just a very wonderful, interesting experience for us. You will not regret having him as a tour guide!! We found the Ho Chi Minh homeland tour a must see, if you are in the neighborhood of Vinh city.

All the best and kind regards,

Ed and Sophie, Hanoi!!!

Evolkerts and Sophie

Very long day, but well worth the trip. the Water fall was amazing and dinner in a traditional house was fantastic. Highly recommend Mickey and Andy from Vinh Guru for a great tour. If your in the area, look them up and go and see the fantastic sites, tea plantation, waterfall, river trip all really great.

Phillip Dixon (UK)

I did travel 2 times with Vinh Guru. These young guys have good english, are funny and will make you feel comfortable. Plus, Nghe An province is such a nice area to visit… I like the way Vinh Guru is doing fair trade tourism.

Yann (France)

What a delightful night my husband and l had riding around Vinh with Nha and Linh tonight. Great food, great places, great great tour guides. Thank you Vinh Guru this was a great way to spend our 1 night in Vinh. 10 out of 10.

Mandy Maloney (Australia)

I stayed at the Vinh for just one day and I wanted to see the birthplace of Hồ Chí Min and panoramic tour, so I took the afternoon half-day tour of Vinh and the surroundings. It was a very exciting trip. Nha (my tour guide) fascinatingly tells the history of these places. She good drives motorbike in this crazy traffic and around I saw spectacular views of the local villages. She is pleasant companion and friend. With her interesting talk on a variety of topics. We had enjoyable talk about life in our countries and language difficulties. This trip is especially memorable, and has become one of the best tour among others taken me in Vietnam.
I think the tour is well thought-out so recommend it for those who going to visit Vinh.

Svyatoslav (Russia)

I wish I could have experienced more with this crew but am happy that I got to see more of the regions before leaving Vinh City[…] I had a great time with the guide! […] Definitely a must for the outdoor lover and we got lucky with the great weather! If there ever is a next time, we need to find more and longer hiking trails and a tent 😉 Go for the experience, pack light, and bring a smile.

Jessicah (Alaska)

This was a very user-friendly trip, with 2 guides for only 4 paying guests. During our 2-day trip, we saw many interesting sites near the Lao border. We stayed overnight with an ethnic Thai family, which was really pleasant. Our host served a fabulous dinner, as well as breakfast the next morning. Being a national holiday, one of the places we visited was badly overcrowded, but that was unavoidable. Every other places we went was as quiet and peaceful as hoped for. […] Our guides were great, acting more like friends than simply as guides. They were most pleasant in catering to our individual needs and wishes. I recommend them.


To say that I loved this trip would be an understatement. It was the warmest, friendliest, most engaging tour I’ve ever been on. From the minute we jumped on the private bus, the tour guides were enthusiastic to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. After two days with this group, seeing some of the most beautiful scenery in Vietnam (and I’ve seen a lot!) with the energy of the tour guides never dropping, I can certainly say I will never forget this special weekend. A must-do for all ages. Don’t miss this special experience if you’re traveling in Vietnam!

Dustin Gerding (United States)

I have been on three trips with Vinh Guru and have had a great time on each trip! The staff are wonderful, caring, and speak great English;) I always enjoy myself when I am with them, and I am well taken care of. No regrets! Great way to see and understand more about Nghe An province and the people.

Cher Huesers (United States)

Meeting the team from Vinh Guru and exploring Western Nghe An Province was the absolute highlight of our time in Vietnam and we will be strongly recommending both to anyone who will listen!

The area is fascinating and a far less trodden path than many of the national parks in Vietnam. Very few foreigners make the trip to Pu Mat, which was a huge surprise given quite how beautiful the area is. For most of our trip we had the jungle to ourselves, such a rarity in a country with as much tourism as Vietnam!

It is a little tricky to get around the various parts of the park and arrange permits, homestays and meals, and that’s where the Vinh Guru come in. We had a great time meeting the team and were blown away by how friendly and generous they were, as well as how passionate they were about Vinh and Pu Mat. After a few beers we felt like we were chatting away with great friends and it was clear they knew all about the area and the best places to see in the National Park.

If we head back to Vietnam, Vinh will definitely be our first stop. It’s an unmissable chance to get off the beaten track and see a different side to Vietnam from the main tourist hotspots.

Will Lock (UK)

I went on the 2day trip with my familly. We really enjoyed it! The waterfalls we visited were wonderfull. The Thai people we went to were very friendly and the food was delicious. We had a very nice stay there. They learned us a traditional dance, which was so much fun. The next day we went to their rice fields, and we went swimming in a little pool. In the afternoon we made a boat tour, very beautifull! The guides were very friendly, we had lots of fun with them. The day after the tour we asked them for dinner, our new Vietnamese friends! We can only recommend you Vinh Guru!!” This was very very very good!

Kaat Obbels


I went on both the Pu Mat day trip and the motorbike tour in and around Vinh. It was great to see what Nghe An province has to offer. Pu Mat provides great scenery, nature and photograph opportunities! The whole day was well planned and organised and thoroughly enjoyed the boat trip up the river. It was a great day out and the service was outstanding. The motorbike tour was another great experience. Being able to ride a bike off road and up the mountain was the highlight of the day. Our tour guide was excellent and extremely helpful. Couldn’t ask for better service!
Thanks very much for 2 great days Vinh Guru.



You can’t go wrong with these fun loving travel guys! You’ll see Vietnam from a local’s eyes and experience a whole different side of this gorgeous country. And you’ll remember it for the rest of your life!

Mrs. Season Clauss


I took the afternoon tour with a visit to Ho Chi Minh’s birthplace and a visit to Ho Chi Minh’s mothers tomb. Back in Vinh we drove by the river for a quick stop and finally had a nice dinner. My guide, Nha, was the best! So friendly, flexible, attent, ambitious and just fun to be with. She is also a cautious motor bike driver. I will certainly recommend you and come back for more adventures.