Address of some vegetarian restaurants in Vinh

Nowadays, leading to people’s need to have a restaurant focusing only on vegetarian, many of them are appreciated with high quality and quantity both. Below Vinh Guru suggests you some popular vegetarian restaurants in Vinh.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: mọi người đang ngồi và món ăn


  • Bồ Đề restaurant
    Bo De restaurant is situated on a small lane and still attracts food addicts every day. Though the menu is some popular and easy food, the chefs ‘ recipes here are far more special. Bo De would be a perfect place to provide a nutrient for your wellbeing, with fair rates.
    Location: 13 Nguyễn Tài – Vinh – Nghệ An

Bí kíp để bữa ăn chay trở nên thú vị, ăn hoài không ngán | Ẩm Thực


  • Thien Phuc restaurant
    Within 10 years to be a vegan, the host of this store observed The features of vegan cuisine since then constantly improving the standard for those who love vegetarian cuisine to become a reliable destination in Vinh city.
    The unique thing about here is on the 15th or 1st lunar month, they’ll hold a buffet party with affordable prices for every customer.
    Location: 57 Nguyễn Viết Xuân – Vinh – Nghệ An

Nhà hàng chay Dưỡng sinh Thiên Phúc - nét chấm phá ẩm thực chay xứ ...


  • Đạt Thuần restaurant.
    Only existing for a short time, Dat Thuan has become a well-known branch in the world of people who are major vegan fans. This is a kind of buffet restaurant with a variety food and when customers come here they’ll have a great offer to try them all out. Furthermore, harmony ambience is the crucial thing that generates customer’s comfort.
    Location: 47 – Trần Hưng Đạo – Vinh – Nghệ An

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: bàn, món ăn và trong nhà

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