Flora in Pu Mat National Park

Pu Mat National Park is about 120 km southwest of Vinh City, Nghe An Province. It is one of the most famous destinations which Vinh Guru is focusing to introduce(...)
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Lotus – The spirit of Vietnamese culture

“Trong đầm gì đẹp bằng sen  (Nothing in the pond is more beautiful than the lotus)  Lá xanh, bông trắng lại chen nhụy vàng  (Its leaf is green, its flower(...)
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Vietnam and common culture shock

Obviously, Culture shock is unavoidable when we move to a new terrain with many stages of feelings: frustration, adjustment and acceptance. Having experience in cooperation with expats, Vinh Guru Team(...)
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4 creepy dishes in Nghe An

In Vietnam, tourists will be overwhelmed by abundant delicious dishes with a large number of nutrients. For many locals, this includes dishes prepared with a wide variety of creatures, even(...)
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HOA TIEN BROCADE: A gift from nature

Follow Vinh Guru come to a small village in Chau Tien commune, Quy Chau district, Nghe An province, comes what is known as one of the most famous and oldest(...)
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