Brief COVID-19 news for a month

Recently, Vietnamese netizens (online citizens) share some fun facts we like to share with you.  So let’s see how positive aspect Miss Corona bring to this world?

  1. Coronavirus brings Hong Kong’s protests to an end, social order has quickly returned to normal. All the people are uniting to protect themselves from this virus.
  2. Yellow Vest’ protesters in France finished after 60 weeks because of Miss Coronavirus 
  3. The tension between America- China as well as the USA –  Iran being significantly declined.
  4. The private centers and classes are close, which the Ministry of Education and Training can not do that before.
  5. Although we just finished the Tet holiday, the husbands do not hang out with friends outside the family anymore, they stay at home and help their wife with caring for their children. 
  6. Some festivals which are meaningless, waste time, and money were not celebrated. 
  7. Ha Noi’s street doesn’t have traffic jams anymore, it reduces pollution than normal. 
  8. Residents know the way to protect themselves: going to bed sooner, a healthier diet, doing exercise every day, get masks, wash hands, ….
  9. Saving money instead of spending it for drinking alcohol, gambling to buy pills, reserve food, masks,… 
  10.  People care about the health of the family, friends surrounding them more and more. 

These are just a few positive effects that Coronavirus did in a short time besides its danger. However, society needs to give a hand to prevent this potentially life-threatening virus.  

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