Churches around Vinh

Vietnam is a multi-religious and belief nation. Vietnamese people have a long tradition of religious activities. All ethnic groups in the Vietnamese ethnic community have their own beliefs attached to their economic and spiritual life.

Some of my foreign friends usually asked me how to find a church in Nghe An, particularly in Vinh on some special day of Catholicism such as Christmas, Saint Feast Days, Ascension ceremony. Realizing the expats’ religious life, this list below will provide some necessary information about churches around Vinh. 

  1. Manh Sơn Church (Tien Thuy, Quynh Luu district)

 Manh Son Parish is one of the oldest synagogues in Nghe An, established in 1914. With the unique architecture combining with dominant yellow color, Manh Sơn Church attracted many Christian every year.  

  1. Bao Nham Church (Bao Thanh, Yen Thanh district)

Being built by stone, Bao Nham is the parish of the county of Bao Nham (Bao Thanh commune, Yen Thanh district, Nghe An province), about 40 kilometers northwest of the archbishop. Bao Nham was founded in 1887, and is one of the diocese ‘s earliest established parishes.

  1. Cau Ram Church (Vinh City, Nghe An Province) 

In the territory of Vinh, Cau Ram Church is an ideal place for expats living in Vinh on special days. It was built around 1888. The church cathedral is a place of worshiping and chanting for nearly 6,000 parishioners, divided into 10 families.

Vinh Guru team is willing to provide some helpful destinations to serve foreigners to go around during the time living and working in Nghe An. 

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