Nghe An province has many specialties, adding with places in the province to identify brands such as Nghi Loc eggplant, Dien Chau sauce, “Thanh Chuong pickled jackfruit, Nam Dan soy sauce”, etc. However, it is impossible to ignore eel soup which nowhere is as good as there.


Eel processed must be field eel, but not fed eel in popular. Eel is split meat to soak into stir-fried spices, eel’s bones are hit and cooked broth. People catch eel by a catching tool – a long bamboo tube about 5 inches, a first for the eel to get into, leaving one end sealed with some air vents, room eels suffocated. At night people put the catching tool, and take it to home in the morning. Sometimes they catch each tube about four to five eels.


Eel soup shop on Le Mao Street, next to an elementary school packed just the motor, long-term car park. Guests eat inside, outside people talk happily. It is difficult to find an empty table for seven people at rush hours in the morning.

Pieces of eel meat are split into two, three as liquid blooming flowers on eel soup. The fried onion, onion on soup face stimulates consumer’s taste. Squeezing a little lemon, tasting a little fish sauce, sprinkling a little pepper, etc are to fit our mouth. The first is to eat with bread. The fat and sweet flavor of soup water, as well as the soft, tough eel meat piece is very good. It is easy to distinguish the fed eel and the field eel (like the fed chicken and the industrialized chicken). The second is wet cake disks, which have just been coated, decorated with a little fried onion above, are split into everyone’s bowl. Another flavor is eel soup dish. It is the combination of the Northern soup and the good and strange wet cake.


At last is soup. Bowls of onion soups smoke and are shared into soup ones. It is right time to Nghe An truly eel soup. Pieces of eel meat are beautiful enough to make a “basis” for onion soup. It is impossible to find the difference between congees, soup because all are merged with each other.

Finishing eating eel congees is full and happy. A dish of “three in one” – we only needs a breakfast to taste three different dishes.

Eel meat pieces of Nghe region are very delicious, sweet, and have taste of turmeric, mint, cilantro, etc. The hot wet cake has the fat flavor of sauce water, is very tough in mouth; especially the sweet flavor of green onion congees in eel soup bowl is both spicy and charming, etc



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