Bursting with flavour, nem lụi (grilled pork) is a must-try when it comes to Vietnamese snack. Nem lụi can be found in different variations, depending on the regions you are visiting. 

Nem lụi is grilled ground pork in a lemongrass skewer, served with fresh vegetables, cucumber and a bowl of special sauce. Turmeric and chilli gives nem lụi red hue while lemongrass adds the pleasant smell.

People say nem lụi originated in Hue, but today it seems to be ubiquitous across Vietnam. Here in Vinh city, people have created a special dipping sauce called ‘chẻo’ which makes a bite of nem lụi unforgettable. Nem lụi in tranquil Vinh city will sure bring you a distinct taste which cannot be found anywhere else.

You will find this amazing snack in various traditional open-air markets or single-dish food stalls. Just look for the clouds of smoke after 11 a.m or 8 p.m when people start grilling up numerous patties of seasoned pork over a charcoal fire.

Some popular addresses to try Nem lụi in Vinh city are Kim Dong Street, Nguyen Van Cu Street and Vinh night market. The average price for a  plate of nem lụi is around $2-$4 (23.000 VND – 40.000 VND)

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