Mid-Autumn (Moon festival) is a harvest festival, traditionally celebrated on the 15th of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar. On this day, the moon appears fullest and brightest. One renowned specialty related to this holiday is the mooncakes. It is made of flour and golden syrup, then shaped beautifully. The filling inside includes a salted egg yolk, lotus seeds and different kinds of melon seeds. On this holiday, children everywhere go out with their parents and play some Vietnamese traditional games under the bright moonlight.

Fullmoon Festival of Vietin Bank Nghe An

In 2015, Vinh Guru held a small yet amazing Mid- Autumn party – “Fly me to the moon” for the children in Vinh city. We meticulously decorated the room with multi-color lanterns and resplendent ornaments to create a youthful vibe for the small kids. With the aim of bringing happiness and joy to the children on this day, we focussed on a wide range of activities such as: doing some arts and crafts, eating mooncakes, making five-star lanterns and so on.

An English teacher learned to do craftwork.

We were glad to have many English teachers and foreigners living in Vinh join our party. It was a great chance for our foreign friends to have a deep insight into such a popular festival event in Vietnam.

We truly hoped that this small party had brought about merriness to the children and their families as well. That was a great time for them to have an exciting family reunion and escape the bustle and hustle of daily lives.

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