Ho Chi Minh Square: the idyllic place in the center of Vinh City

Coming to Vinh city, tourists have many destinations to visit and discover this area such as Kim Lien Relic Complex, Vinh Citadel Gate, and so on. One of the featured destinations is Ho Chi Minh Square. Many of us are familiar with this place during the holidays, big events, and other special days. But on normal days, the locals are busy with the hustle and bustle of life and tend to forget about such a sweet place in the heart of the city center. 

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I was born and grew up in this city, so Ho Chi Minh Square is too familiar in my childhood, including the small Chung mountain behind Ho Chi Minh’s Statue or the water fountain that operates every weekend: all of them are a part of my heart. 

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However, that is not everything. Recently, my friends have asked me to go to Ho Chi Minh square to run around and do exercise, but I am a little bit hesitant because I think it is not better than the gym center which I usually go to. Ultimately, I still decided to go: the more the merrier. 

And from that experience, I changed my mental image of the square. The image of the grounds with twinkle lights on New Year’s Eve, a horde of people following the sound of the musical event, people jostling for some famous singers, football players, and others… now disappeared. 

Thành phố Vinh Alltours: Bồi hồi đứng trước quảng trường Hồ Chí ...

This square was still crowded, but did not recall a scene of my memories; it was peaceful and idyllic as well. People come here daily in the early morning or after a long hard-working day in the afternoon. They walk, run, do exercise, and play together. 


Hearty laughter of children brought here by their parents reminds me of being  on a small road beside my house with my friends. Strangely, I can find a memory of my childhood at a spot which I think is the most rambunctious in my city. 

Let Vinh Guru make you satisfied with these values of Ho Chi Minh Square.

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