Kim Lien Complex Relic – Special National Relic

This is a typical area relating to the most unique Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh – The National Liberation hero and the World Cultural Celebrity. Kim Lien vestige area is in Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district and 13km far from Vinh city, consisting of Uncle Ho’s mother land and father one and the tomb of Mrs.Hoang Thi Loan, his mother. Come to Kim Lien, you will see souvenirs and memeories during his childhood between the old eastern and western culture; simple and peaceful beauty in a typical village of Vietnam.

Hoang Tru Relic – Ho Chi Minh’s motherland

Hoàng Trù Village

Travelling 13km westward away from Vinh city, along Highway 46, turning left at a T-junction, then going straigth on about 1km, you will arrive at Hoang Tru, which is an eternally calm village with common, humble and simple thatched cottages taking cover under evergreen bamboo fences. That is maternal village and birthplace of Nguyen Sinh Cung, who was later named Nguyen Tat Thanh, Nguyen Ai Quoc and Ho Chi Minh. Hoang Tru memorial relic has an area of about 3,500 m2, in which the worship house of Hoang Xuan family, house of Mr.Hoang Duong and the house where the first president of Vietnam was born.

House of Junior Doctor – Nguyen Sinh Sac


In the main house, one of two better compartment was used as sitting room, and the other as worship room for his wife. The fourth compartment was Mr.Sac’s bedroom with a wooden bed by a window and a teaching desk which he used to teach his children, it was also the room for treating closed neighbors green tea. The house was very witness of the time when Nguyen Sinh Cung and his brother absorbed father’s nobility and mother’s benevolence.

Exhibition and Memorial House of President Ho Chi Minh


Exhibition area in Kim Lien relics was opened in 1970 including 3 showrooms. This was the first museum in Vietnam that exhibited biography of Uncle Ho. After the system of Ho Chi Minh museum inaugurated, the method of exhibition and display  were changed into added displaying with a number of creative and unique artistic solutions with a view to honour the document and exhibits, creating new expression and attraction on visitors. The exhibits and displays formerly showing biography of Uncle Ho was converted into a complete new topic: emotion of compatriots, comrades and foreign toward Uncle Ho. And Kim Lien relics area with its wide open air, full of blighting light and surrounded lotus-patterned walls silently expresses influence Uncle Ho and his native land.

The recently added Memorial House helps perfect a new approach of museum exhibition: Relics – Museam – Memorial; it also remarkably contributes to promoting sacred emotion of people toward Uncle Ho as well as attracting visitors.

Tomb of Mrs Hoang Thi Loan – Mother of President Ho Chi Minh


The tomb of Mrs.Hoang Thi Loan is the spiritual and cultural works that shows respect and thankfulness of people to the mother who gave birth and nourishment to Ho Chi Minh. The eldest brother of President Ho Chi Minh, secretly moved the tomb of Mrs.Hoang Thi Loan in Hue city to Dong Tranh moutain in 1942. He chose a location of the tomb by himself. It was rebuilt in 1984 on the place where Mr.Nguyen Sinh Khiem had chosen and in 2010 the tomb again preserved and renovated as the planning on conservation, replenishment of Kim Lien Relic, located in Nam Giang commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province with an area of 300m2.

As the design, the tomb remains in place as the original paved with granite and monolithic marble. All the stones paired together to create a stylized lotus flower. The ceremony area is expanded into an arc, in harmony with the terrain and creates a wide view. Around space are coved, expressed solemn, cozy atmosphere, and convenient for the ceremony when it rains and the sun shines. The tomb of Mrs.Hoang Thi Loan is the important point of Kim Lien complex relic. The work is not only significant in terms of spiritual culture, but also a significant destination of tourists from everywhere in the journey back to Nam Dan, hometown of Uncle Ho.

Source: Nghe An tourism handbook.

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