Lotus – The spirit of Vietnamese culture

“Trong đầm gì đẹp bằng sen 

(Nothing in the pond is more beautiful than the lotus) 

Lá xanh, bông trắng lại chen nhụy vàng 

(Its leaf is green, its flower cup is white with yellow pistil…)” 

For a long time ago, that lullaby lyric existed in every Vietnamese, and it is about Lotus- the Vietnamese spirit flower. 

Lotus is one of the important cultural part which made Vietnamese, this flower appeared about 400 years ago in India, then it spread around Asia and has become a special role in many countries such as: China, Vietnam, etc. It is one of the best symbols of Buddhism, they represented the morality, holiness, wisdom of people. In other words, they can live still as pure minded version on the dirtiest mud, nothing can defeat their quality and strong. 

For the very first time, because Vietnam is an agricultural country, we had planted lotus as a special ingredient for daily life: the seed for porridge, the petal and central seed for tea, etc. They had been used as an idyllic food for the long history journey. 

Besides, many authors were inspired by lotus which had existed in many art: poem, creation, picture. The image of lotus is associated with Ho Chi Minh’s hometown, a tranquil place with green fields stretching to the horizon, about his personality: honest and noble. 


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