PU MAT- a hidden gem for nature lovers

Pu Mat National Park, situated in Con Cuong District, Nghe An Province is a natural reserve that offers one-of-a-kind nature-based experiences for tourists. For an ecotourism destination with as much beauty as Pu Mat National Park, planning a trip that introduces you to its many highlights takes some doing. Vinh Guru has put together this brief itinerary that would take you to the very best places and offer you indelible experiences.


PU MAT- a hidden gem for nature lovers


Pu Mat

On our way to Pu Mat, we will stop by the lush green Thanh Chuong Tea Island where visitors can wander and view impressive tea fields. At lunchtime, we will enjoy Thai people’s unique local food before discovering the Open Museum of Nature and Culture. We will then move further into the mountainous area, starting with Khe Kem Waterfall, dropping by Thin Village to meet the locals.


On the second day, visitors will cruise out on a relaxing boat trip on Giang River to admire the beautiful emerald green waters among thousands of rugged islands. Trekking, kayaking and ziplining are three popular choices of activities to soak up the majesty of the landscape and the atmosphere of this remote area.

As science says: “Travelling makes you open-minded and creative”. We highly encourage you to make time for travelling one or two times a month. A short getaway from the daily grind would help boost your energy and increase productivity.

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