Romantic landscapes

From the town of Con Cuong, less than a 30-minute drive, Khe Kem waterfall originates at an altitude of 1,200m gliding laps through the vallet and cliffs, flowing down like flock of white clouds. Right at the food of the waterfall, visitors can sit on the rocks, enjoying fishing or bathing. “Mat” fish in Giang river – Khe Kem is famously delicious since it is the specialty of Western Nghe An.


The shadows brought by primary forest keep enhancing the picturesque beauty of a romantic waterfall. Not far away from Khe Kem, Moc springs (Nua village, Yen Khe) is also a captivating destination for visitors. It has such preferable climate: cool in summer and warm in winter. Everyday, hundreds of visitors find their ways to Moc springs to cool themselves off.

Visiting Pu Mat National Park, visitors will be lost in heavenly land full of plants. On the mountain, with the height of 1,500 meters or less stay the swarf forest trees intersperse between the Penjing, each tree is a precious treasure of nature with amazing looks.

Besides, when in Western of Nghe An region, iy would be a shame if not meantioning the specialties of the highlands as there are lots of unique, savory dishes: “mat” fish, “lam” rice, purple sticky rice, wild boar…

Extraordinary local culture


Coming to Pu Mat National Park, visitors will have opportunity to learn about the unique culture of Thai and Dan Lai ethnic minority. By choosing the homestay tour, visitors can experience daily life of the indigenous people: try cooling traditional dishes, using weaving looms to make fabric, sleeping on the floor… The most impressive to be mentioned is the five-pipe dancing, bamboo dancing when the night dalls, drinking wine and enjoying time with indigenous people who are so hospitable and honest. Besides, tourists can visit and buy local products at village specializing in traditional handloom textile, choosing unique gifts for relatives and friends such as handbag, scarves, wallets… which are meticulously embroidered by hand with sophisticated, silky textures.

Currently, Vinh Guru Tours is the pioneer to develop tourism products called “Discovering the beauty of Pu Mat – Western Nghe An”. With the slogan “Tourist’s satisfaction comes first”, in recent time, Vinh Guru has attracted many group of inbound and outbound tourists to come and experience the community tourism at Pu Mat National Park.

Source: Vietnam Today Magazine

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