5km far from Vinh city toward the South, on the left, where Lam river integrates into the sea, Quyet Mountain is being built as a large ecological zone with impressively the historical and cultural factor of Nghe region. It is large entertainment center, as the traditional geomancy opinions, it is placed in the four supernatural creatures. More than 200 years ago, King Quang Trung ordered Phuong Hoang Trung Do in this land and nowadays, King Quang Trung temple has built here. The temple is located on the top of the second peak of Dung Quyet moutain, 92m above the sea level. The work consists of the main items such as: forcecourt, center palace, seraglio, Left hall and the Right hall, etc… are designed with the scale comliance with nature. This work is desire of people spending for the hero of the nation. It also becomes one of historical – cultural position that is attractive to many tourists.

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On the top of Dung Quyet Moutain, you can see all its surroundings: the West is the Kim Lien Special National Relic in Nam Dan district – the hometown of President Ho Chi Minh, the East is Cua Lo beach, and the Southeast is Lam river mildly bowing Hong Linh Mountain which forms the beauty of green mountain and blue water. It is also the native land of Nguyen Du – the great poet and famous person, further is Xuan Thanh beach, and the whole scene of Vinh city emerging as the socio-economics and political center of the North Central of Vietnam.

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