Getting one day off but not deciding where to spend it yet, you’re recommended to carry out things to do in Pu Mat Day Tour. The day tour offers the opportunities to breathe the absolute purity of fresh air beneath thick canopies of flora, along paths winding through hills and mountains sounds nice. That is all interesting things you will absolutely get in Pumat tour 1 day with Vinh Guru. Those interested in romantic adventure should read on.. 

Top Things to Do in Pu Mat Within One Day: Green tea field, Khe Kem WaterFall, Giang River,  Imposing Jungle.

It takes about 3 hours straight to the National Reserve. On our way, we will stop to visit Green tea fields.

Interestingly, around the green tea hill, there is a very large Cầu Cau dam, located in the middle of the dam are the rolling hills, the tea growers create the shape of the “snails” blooming on the water. 

The van will take us further into Laos border where Khe Kem is located. Khe Kem waterfall originates at an altitude of 1,200m gliding laps through the valley and cliffs, flowing down like a flock of white clouds. This is a perfect spot for a nice relaxing swim. Here, you will certainly have one of your “craziest” moments in your life while standing under the falling water. Also, you will be truly amazed and delighted that there are fishes in the water and give you a free fish spa.

For lunch time, you have a chance to try many of the best local specialty dishes.

Running across Pu Mat National Park is the Giang River. The boat trip alongside the river will give you a chance to see a spectacular landscape with magnificent waterfalls, streams and caves as well as live animals.

In this trip, when you and your team conquer the challenge by trekking in the jungle, you will be under the water, dry clothes should be prepared.

After this trip, Vinh Guru promises that you will feel that we gave you an extremely marvelous opportunity to record a peaceful short break from city madness.

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