Vietnam and common culture shock

Obviously, Culture shock is unavoidable when we move to a new terrain with many stages of feelings: frustration, adjustment and acceptance. Having experience in cooperation with expats, Vinh Guru Team would love to list something completely different from foreign culture in order to give essential information about Vietnam’s culture for people to get on well with this problem. 

1. Motorbikes Everywhere

Đánh giá tác động giao thông của công trình cao tầng khu vực nội đô lịch sử  | Tạp chí Kiến trúc Việt Nam

According to data from some real Vietnam articles, approximately 40 millions registered vehicles , particularly motorbikes (around half of total population in Vietnam). In big cities, such as Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city’s residents easily get caught in peak hours of day. Using honks and seeming to not follow any regulations is common in Vietnam. In this case, please follow the flow of people to avoid being struck on the road.  

2. Language Barrier 

Tiếng Việt bất ngờ lọt top 10 ngôn ngữ 'khó nuốt' nhất trên bảng tổng sắp  2.650 ngôn ngữ toàn thế giới

When we move to any country in the world, language is such a terrible obstacle with foreigners. In Vietnam, alphabet uses the Latin script, based on its employment in the alphabets of Romance languages, with some digraphs and the addition of nine accent marks or diacritics – four of them to create additional sounds, and the other five to indicate the tone of each word. As a result, each tone creates each unique meaning which is really hard to learn, remember and pronounce as well. 

3. Delicious Fresh Food but creepy 

Cách Làm Tiết Canh Dê Ngon Ngọt

Vietnam is well-known with street food due to its pricing and quality. However, if you are nature lover and want to go to some places which are off the beaten path in Vietnam, particularly Nghe An, the traditional cuisine will make you amazed such as Silkworm’s Pupa, Ant soup, Scorpions, …

4. Harsh Weather 

Vietnam’s climate, because it’s in the tropics and strongly influenced by the South China Sea, has a monsoon-influenced tropical climate typical of that of mainland Southeast Asia. Especially in summer, the temperature outside can get 40° to 45° at noon. In the period of global warming, the weather in Vietnam is not the best condition to travel in summertime, unless you book a hotel with a nice pool!

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