Vietnam in Summer: What special?

Summer – Time for travelling after a long busy time of studying and working. Certainly, people are looking for some places which fit with budget and safety as well can completely enjoy their vacations. At Vinh Guru we are proud of our country, Vietnam, is one of the most suitable choices for you.

Let us introduce what special Vietnam has in summer. 

1. Beach 

Vietnam owns 3,444 km (2,140 mi) long of stunning coastlines with clear water, white sand and moderate waves into the seashore when it dawn everyday. Realizing this strength, Vietnamese governments are trying to take advantage of these beaches to improve our economy, especially tourism by enhancing public services such as hotels, homestay and many activities to attract more people to visit in recents years. 

Coming here, tourists will have many fantastic experiences with friendly local who are willing to say “hi” with you everywhere and everytime.  

2. Off the beaten path 

Besides long coastline, the square of mountainous areas and tropical forest take  around 40%  42%  of the country’s land area, respectively. If you are a nature lover, they are the best destination for you. Due to the features of weather and geography, biodiversity will surprise you. Vietnamese forests maintain many kinds of rare animals around the world. Although there are many cases of hunting animals illegally, the government tries its best to balance the cultural environment for our next generation.

3. Cuisine 

Each country, we are able to experience each culture and even the cuisine as well. In Vietnam, the dishes which must make sure about three criterias: delicious – healthy- cheap, specially street food served by food stands on the road. One of the best meals must be mentioned is Banh Mi or Pho which was warmly received by travellers in the world. In addition, cuisine in Vietnam is so diverse because here, there are 54 ethnic groups leading to the feature that each group is different from others. Then, making a huge traditional culture for tourists to come and explore. 

4. Ethnic minority depraved customs in Vietnam 

Vietnam’s culture has developed over the centuries from indigenous ancient Đông Sơn culture with wet rice cultivation as its economic base. Some elements, which form Vietnamese Culture, have Chinese origins, drawing on elements of Confucianism, Mahāyāna Buddhism and Taoism in its traditional political system and philosophy. 

Vietnamese still have many features maintained by the government to avoid cultural assimilation caused by the improvement of technology. Nevertheless, besides the nice traditional customs in  The Lunar Year, Wedding, Funeral, and so on, some depraved customs still exist in these times. Catching a wife

In the past, catching a wife is considered as a cultural beauty on New Year’s Day. From a positive perspective, we can see that this custom is an effective solution for couples who love each other dearly but encounter obstacles from the family. At that time, the plan “to catch a wife” was discussed secretly, with the support of brothers, friends and aunts. The girl went to work on the farm, the young man suddenly appeared with her friends to try and drag the girl to be his wife. Although all “in the plan” but the girl still tried to scream, call for help. After that, the boys’ family will force the chicken to follow the tradition and bring the girl who has been “caught” into the house. If the girl’s family cannot “rescue” their daughter, that girl will become one  of the boy’s family. 

However, is it really suitable this time or become ugly and illegal? Basically, catching a wife is not bad, but many witnesses told about these stories with afraid and disgusting attitude, we need to consider about it one more time.This custom transforms wicked tradition because it actually deprive of the freedom of a person, particularly the little girl who do not know deeply anything about this world.  

As a consequence, Vietnamese government is trying to promote and improve the residents’ awareness to create a similar environment for everyone to live their own life.

5. Folk singing – Intangible cultural heritage

As we wrote about Nghe Tinh Vi Giam folk singing, which was officially recognized by UNESCO at the 9th session of its Inter-governmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Paris on November 27. Due to the historical and cultural values of folk singing, preservation has been a pressing responsibility of not only local residents but also Vietnamese citizens over the countries. 

Folk singing is known as having unique features of expressing different aspects of working, as well as material and spiritual life the residents in the province. In Nghe An, Nam Dan is well-known with still, small rhythm of this kind of music. This town is considered “the cradle” of folking singing which is absorbed into blood and each citizen there.

Come to Nghe An, tourists can easily enjoy the earnest and deep folk songs everywhere at restaurants, hotels, folk songs clubs in districts as a way of tackling problems when many kind of music are so far improving nowadays. 

There are some festivals in which Folk singing is executed widely to promote and express the core of Nghe An people through the lyrics and especially rhythm.

Hung Temple festival in Hung Kings Commemoration day.

Qua Son temple festival in Do Luong District which is performed on the river to serve tourists carefully and thoughtful with the unique way.

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