Vietnamese steamed rice rolls – the highlight of street food in Vietnam

We, at Vinh Guru Tours, are all huge food addicts, especially into Vietnamese cuisine. It’s easy to understand because we have grown up in Vietnam and there might be no shortage in our heart of dishes here. 

Vietnamese steamed rice rolls – the highlight of street food in Vietnam

Some of those dishes that we all love are Vietnamese steamed rice rolls.

Vietnamese steamed rice rolls

There are, in effect, many ways to eat with steamed rice rolls (banh muot) because we have another way to make it at any spot. This pancake is usually eaten with a special fish sauce, a little salty with a sweet and sour mix, and Vietnamese sausages. 

More and more recipes have been made, however, such as steam rice rolls which contain sophisticated fillings (banh cuon) and bonus more soup, for example xao long, xao vit, xao ga, eel soup,…

Vietnamese steamed rice rolls

Vietnamese steamed rice rolls with xao long


Vietnamese steamed rice rolls with xao vit

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The unique thing that makes this pancake is the fried shallots, crispy, it’s always pleased with combining with sauce. That, because of fried shallots and sauce, the taste of the dish is affected, so you hardly find any places with the same flavor. 


Our colleague Nha: “When I had to study so late to prepare for National High School Graduation Examination, I chose Vietnamese steam rice rolls for my supper so much that my mother asked me whether I needed other dishes for my meal, or even the shopkeeper knew my name and my habit each time I came. 


Honestly, it’s the spirit of my hometown with me, the feature dish that I want to launch and make it popular all over the world. When you visit Vietnam, Vietnamese steam rice rolls would be the perfect option for you, special is Nghe An province”. 

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