What’s special about Vinh Guru Cleaning Service?

These days, people spend long, grueling days at work, then return home to face a long list of other tasks such as: picking up their kids, cooking, cleaning, and others.  How can they have enough energy for hobbies, sports, and fun activities with family and friends?

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Using a regular housekeeping service is certainly one of the best solutions for these issues. Built upon years of experience serving the expat community with an extraordinary level of customer satisfaction, Vinh Guru is thrilled to launch this brand new offering with your busy lives in mind. Leave the housework to our professional maids to not only freshen up your place but also to give yourself more time to do the things you like with the people you love.  Let’s find out what makes our service special.

Vinh Guru Cleaning Service provides a range of packages that are perfect for our customers such as daily, weekly, bi-monthly and flexible plans to respond to customer needs.


Furthermore, the easy-to-use booking system enables you to specify your own preferences. On that basis, we will tailor our service and help you select which plan best meets your needs.

Our maids communicate with the host by English, ensuring simple and clear interactions for clients. Other cleaning services providers may not offer consistent English-speaking services, which may sometimes lead to misunderstandings or unsatisfied customers. You can rest assured that Vinh Guru Cleaning Service will be a reliable and close companion to bring a breath of fresh air to your home. 

Vinh Guru takes customer feedback seriously. In all of our expat services, we regularly collect feedback and implement careful adjustments to our services if deemed necessary.


Vinh Guru graciously thanks our clients, both current and future, for trusting us with your daily needs. We take great pride in helping to ensure that your stay in Vinh City is a pleasant one.

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