When and where to discover Nghe An province?

Have you ever got any trouble with the weather when you visit a new place?  Here is some useful information for tourists to choose the ideal place on their wonderful holiday.

When and where to discover Nghe An province?

In Spring, it is a time of rebirth, renewal, and awakening. Many trees are blossoming and early flowers are pushing through the earth. The weather becomes warmer and fresher. Some places will be suitable for this time in Vinh:

Green Tea Island: blow a new breeze, fresh air, dispelling tired and business of life after a stormy year. At here, tourists just enjoy the beauty of the combination between green and blue of tea fields and vast sky, relax in nature and get more unique experiences with locals with their daily activities. Nevertheless, Green Tea Island sill is an ideal place for tourists visiting Nghe An for all seasons.


Traditionally, after Tet Holiday, residents usually go to the temple, pagoda…to pray for a new favorable year. Besides, they also organize a ceremony there so it will be a memorable experience to join those local customs.

Some recommended for you: Đại Tuệ Pagoda, Quả Sơn temple, …

The weather in Nghe An is famous for harsh weather, hot and dry. The best solution to this problem when you come to this area is to visit Cua Lo beach, Bai Lu resort, …

Coming to Cua Lo, tourists can also try many kinds of seafood like shrimps, crabs and cuttlefish whether at the restaurants or on the beach. The most interesting activities many find here is when tourists can go fishing with the local fishermen in the evening with a gentle breeze in the summer of Nghe An. Vinh Guru can arrange this for you!

travel in nghe an province

Bai Lu is a place having both mountains, seas, and forests; therefore it attracts a lot of visitors come here every year this airy view of trees and beach. 

travel in nghe an province

In addition to these points, we already have other locations for tourists for all-season every year.

Link: Pu Mat National Park, Kim Lien Relic Complex

Vinh Guru – Travel like a Guru – Ideal companion for you to discover Nghe An.

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