Who Are We?

Who Are We?


Vinh Guru Tours was established in December 2014 and is headquartered in Vinh, Nghe An – Vietnam. We are the first private tour company in Vinh, offering the most unique and highest ranked tours for foreign tourists in Nghe An.

We are so proud that our home province of Nghe An is one of the most beautiful places of Vietnam. It has it own authentic characteristics, nothing at all like Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An or Nha Trang; Nghe An has its own unique history and special features to offer.

With the content of this website, we hope to bring the viewers a new perpective on Nghe An – “the land of spiritual masterpiece”.

At Vinh Guru Tours, not only will we guide you to some remarkable landscapes of Nghe An and sites of it’s history, we will also show you how the people of Nghe An live, work, play and eat. This will help you understand the hopes and dreams of the local people so that we can share and celebrate both the similarities of and differences between our cultures.

We hope you will love Nghe An as much as we do. We look forward to welcoming you to Nghe An!

Vinh Guru Tours.



Nghe An is located in the center of North Central region, far from Hanoi capital about 300km, area is 16,498 km2, the population is more than 3 million people with 6 ethnics: Kinh, Thai, Tho, H’mong, Kho Mu, O Du. Administrative structure of Nghe An province includes 01 provicial city, 03 towns, 17 districts with 473 communes, wards and towns; with 244 mountainous communes and towns.

Nghe An geographic location is located on the road & railway transport system, passed by highway 1A and Ho Chi Minh trail, with the airport, seaport transportation and one of the important gateways of East – West economics corridor connecting Myanmar – Thailand – Laos – Vietnam to the East Sea through Highway 7, Highway 46 and the border gate in Nam Can, Thanh Thuy. It is a very important advantage to expand economic – cultural exchange cooperation and tourism development with other countries in the region.

Natural tourism resources of Nghe An are rich with beautiful beaches and 82km of coastline and inshore island (Hon Ngu, Hon Mat) with many beautiful beaches that are favorable for resort tourism development such as Cua Lo, Bai Lu, Quynh Phuong, Dien Thanh,… Nghe An has many primitive forests including Pu Mat national park and nature reserves such as Pu Huong, Pu Hoat with very diverse ecosystem recognised by UNESCO  as a biosphere reserve in the world. This is a salient valuable resouce for investment and development of ecotourism, adventure tourism in association with local culture.

In Nghe An province, there are 1395 historical cultural relics, in which 132 relics are ranked national level, 152 relics are ranked provincial level. Especially, a historical cultural relic is ranked special national level Kim Lien – Nam Dan, hometown of President Ho Chi Minh. Besides, Nghe An has many valid intangible cultural heritages as folk literature, folk music and dance, the manners and customs, festival, food culture, traditional villages,… among them, Nghe Tinh Vi Giam folk songs was recognised by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage represented for humanity.

For the agriculture, Nghe An has many advantages in developing a number of fruit trees with high value, capable of serving tourists such as: Vinh Orange brand grown in Yen Thanh, Quy Hop, Con Cuong, Nghia Dan districts; Lime in Nam Dan, passiflora in Que Phong; pineapple in Quynh Luu, Nghia Dan, mango in Tuong Duong…

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