Some of my friends ask me why I am always on the road; from mountain to forest, I am travelling somewhere all year round. All I can tell them is that I fell in love with travelling in my youth. I roamed border areas on stormy nights, visited local markets and made a bunch of new buddies along every trip. But the thrilling and unforgettable experiences of conquering the trekking trail inside Pu Mat National Park (Con Cuong, Nghe An) remains my most favourite journeys.

No one going to to Pu Mat National Park can miss the chance to traverse this beautiful and challenging mountain pass inside this hundred-year-old forest. The route found a long way to the peak like a strip of silk flying in the wind.

I kick off my trekking journey at the gorgeous Khe Kem Waterfall situated right at the foot of the mountain. This is a perfect spot to truly immerse your soul in the bubbling sound of water under the sparkling sunshine.


Pressing forward, I eagerly climbed up the mountain and was totally absorbed by the magnificence of nature. The trekking trail was adorned with gigantic green trees and colorful flowers, leaving a stunning vista of the whole forest on one side. On another side are steeped and smooth cliffs.

This gorgeous landscape used to be where numerous generations of Thai ethnic minorities had lived. They have, however, moved to the residence areas outside the mountain and earned a livelihood by planting and establishing community-based tourism.

Every journey leaves unforgettable images, stories and moments behind. But it is not long before the engine revs and the road calls again to create new adventures

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